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Our Mission

Producing the safest and highest grade medicine for our collective in a environmentally conscious manner.

We use the most sustainable methods available to cultivate, harvest, process, and package our product. Eco-conscious consumers can come to us without hesitation.

Promote Quality Production

All of our facilities are clean, efficient, and endowed with the technology and expertise needed to perfect our product. We take care to cultivate the best cannabis we can, evaluating different strains based on taste, smell, pattern of growth, and potency. We grow our crops under conditions that maximize their quality and minimize their ecological footprint, and test all of our products for contamination and effectiveness before they go to market.

Cultivate Relationships

Our goal is to change lives, so we pay close attention to the needs and experiences of our consumers. Whether they're is seeking information, needs support, or has a suggestion to improve our product, we are always happy to listen and respond. We reach out to medical cannabis users and stakeholders in our community, building relationships with everyone who can benefit from our services.

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